What Is News?


News is information about a change that has taken place or is happening. It can be reported in a variety of formats (broadsheet, tabloid, magazine and periodical publications) and periods (daily, weekly, semi-weekly, fortnightly and monthly). It is an important source of information about events in the community, nation and world and it can be read in a wide range of ways, including newspapers, radio, television and on the Internet.

A good news article is quick, concise and has a clear focus. It gives a brief overview of an event, highlighting the significant aspects and explains why it is important to the reader. The article is also usually accompanied by images, which grab attention and add visual appeal. A news story should be written without personal bias and should be based on facts.

The Associated Press (AP) is one of the best sources of news and has been around for over 90 years. It is a non-profit organization that does not receive corporate sponsorship and is not government-funded. Its reputation for unbiased reporting is unmatched in the industry, and it is the source of many news stories you see credited to other media outlets. You can see the crowd-sourced bias rating for any AP article at AllSides, and it’s eye-opening to discover that even the most trusted news organizations may have a bias of their own.

While any crime can be newsworthy, a crime that involves a serious injury or death is more likely to be the focus of a news story. Other crimes that might make the news include fraud, arson and forgery. The amount of money involved in a crime can be a major factor in whether it is newsworthy. The loss of a large sum of money can be more interesting than the loss of a small sum. For example, a businessman who loses $100 million may make the news while a woman who loses $10 makes very little news.

The majority of the world’s population now receives their news online, primarily on websites and mobile phones. While it is easy for governments to shut down traditional media, such as radio and TV stations, it is more difficult to stop the spread of online information. This has led to the rise of the citizen journalist, who reports on local and international events through blogs and social media platforms. It is important for citizens to have access to all forms of news, so they can make informed decisions. A well-informed citizenry can help create a more just and peaceful world. Achieving this goal requires the support of all people, from governments to individuals. It is also vital that all citizens have access to quality education and healthcare. The more knowledge they have, the better able they are to contribute to society and build a better future for their children.