What is News?


News is information that is interesting, significant and about people. It can be about government, politics, war, religion, education, health, the economy, fashion, sport or entertainment. It can also be about quirky or unusual events, and about new discoveries.

News can be found in all forms of media: newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. It is often reported in the form of a news article or editorial and is used as a way to keep readers informed and educated about what is happening in their community, country or world.

The most important thing to remember when writing a news article is that it should be factual. It must contain the most basic facts about an event so that it can be understood by a reader who is reading the news for the first time.

It should be brief and clearly written so that a reader can read it in a few minutes. It should be picturesque so that a reader can remember it, and it should be accurate so that a reader can understand it.

Most news articles and editorials will include a list of main facts, including who was involved, what happened and when. They will follow this with a list of more in-depth facts, and sometimes quotations from people who were involved in the event.

In journalism school, it is said that the first paragraph contains the most important facts and the following paragraphs add an increasing level of detail. The reason for this is that most readers read hard news quickly, so it is essential to make the most important facts easy for them to find.