How to Write Good News


News is current and interesting information about events gathered from everywhere in the world and conveyed to the public in a timely manner. News focuses on human activity and is largely determined by the things that people do that change or affect society in some way.

Often, the best source of news comes from people who are directly involved with events. This is especially important when writing a news story, as it will give the reader a more authentic perspective of what’s going on. For example, a reporter might interview the owner of a cat who was rescued from a fire or might use a quote from an official statement. Similarly, reporters can use secondary sources to get information about an event, such as information in previous news stories or the details of what happened from eye witnesses.

A good news story starts with a strong lede that grabs the attention of readers. This is usually a dramatic anecdote, a shocking statistic or some other element that will make the article stand out from the competition. Then, the story should quickly explain what’s happening and why it matters. This is also known as the “nut graph” and is very important to a news story because it helps readers decide whether or not to keep reading.

It is often impossible to completely eliminate bias in a news article, but it’s very important to try. Biases may be conscious or unconscious, but they will affect the overall tone of the article and how much detail is included in it. For example, if an article uses derogatory language to refer to a certain group of people, it’s not fair and cannot be considered objective.

Unless the topic of the news is of major concern to the entire population, it is unlikely to be of interest to anyone outside that group. Therefore, the writer must be very careful to select topics that will appeal to a wide range of readers.

Using a broad demographic is one way to do this, but it’s also very important to consider the specific audience of each publication or website. If you maintain a website about Kansas City, for example, your audience will be mainly people who live in or work in the city. It’s a good idea to determine this demographic before beginning to write so that the article will be more targeted to those people’s interests.